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I think I'm addicted to making macros now. ROFLbot makes it quick & easy for those of us who don't have Photoshop.

We begin this post with Doran macros.

by mathia

also by mathia

also by mathia

Cause Dornishmen wear their hair long

Come on, you know Doran was hot when he was young

by M. Luisa Giliberti. You know it's true. He does.

by Amok

They've found their 3rd!

also by Amok. I really want an icon that says that.

also by Amok. I have an urge to put this on do_me_oberyn's community info page.

also by M. Luisa Giliberti

And finally....

Aaah. I love them all (I like the eated it one best, I think). I'm going to look for more westeros images. The lolbot makes it so easy. I'm excited. Especially considering my paint program kinda suxxors. :D :D :D