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Friends Only Banner By: dastardly_icons  

Please leave a comment if you'd like me to add you!

If you're looking for fic & icons, they aren't going to be posted here anymore. All the old stuff is still here, but new stuff is exclusively over at jesatria_stuff , my fic & graphics journal. I encourage you to friend me there, too.

After I've friended you back, feel free to check out Jenna's lj Starter Kit for introductory info about me, my family/friends & other misc things!
I agree. I miss the communities, especially. (And, you know, the focus on thoughtful analysis instead of "FEELS.")

There's also this real viciousness on tumblr that I find absolutely vile. Not that everyone on lj was perfectly nice & no nasty wank/drama happened ever, but I've never seen tumblr's degree of viciousness anywhere else.
Yes. I should know better by now, but whenever a particularly abusive post pops up, I am always shocked. If I didn't think I could benefit from having so many followers potentially follow me into my oncoming original fiction journey, I'd get rid of my tumblr entirely. :/
I'm only there because everyone else is :/

LoK fandom is almost non-existent on lj too. There's ontd_lok, a wretched hive of scum & mako hate villainy. There's also be_the_leaf, which was created as a hate-free alternative to ontd_lok, but it's not as active.

*sigh* Why did fandom decide to move to tumblr again?