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Friends Only Banner By: dastardly_icons  

Please leave a comment if you'd like me to add you!

If you're looking for fic & icons, they aren't going to be posted here anymore. All the old stuff is still here, but new stuff is exclusively over at jesatria_stuff , my fic & graphics journal. I encourage you to friend me there, too.

After I've friended you back, feel free to check out Jenna's lj Starter Kit for introductory info about me, my family/friends & other misc things!
Please do post Martellfic. That will make everyone very happy.

I'm going to friend you know if you don't mind. It's a damn shame you got Targaryen over in westerosorting because you totally belong in house Martell.
I'll first have to write some Martellfic ;). But since Ellaria Sand has been rather persistently winking at me I don't think that should be a problem.

Heh, charmer! You did get a Martell in this batch so it's only a little shame. Also, I could always unofficially marry a westerosorting Martell to make a traditional Dornish/Valyrian alliance ;)

Finally, I'm adding you back, of course :) Do something for me and approve my request for access to the main comms?
Taken care of. You're approved now.

You might also want to friend my new fic & graphics journal, airtasej since I'll be posting all my fic/graphics there from now on.
Awesome! Thanks Jenna!