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These are just too fun to make.

Created with angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble

Yeah, I know Targaryen was suggested for Tolkien in the original jesteros thread. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. I think Stark is a better fit for him. Couldn't you just picture him sitting under a weirwood tree?

If you take, credit.
That was probably my favorite jesteros thread ever, and I love all your icons of it! Snagging Milton and Teddy R, with credit, of course.
It really was an excellent thread. As a history dork, it made me squee inside.

I may take some requests for these next.
History = <3
YES!!!! ZOMG WE GET EINSTEIN, PETER THE GREAT, AND IVAN THE TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Others are good too. >.>
Madame the Pompadour is a Tyrell, damn right. So is just about the rest of historical France except for Louis XIV. As far as I'm concerned Lannister can keep him.

And I'm going to disagree about Anne Boleyn. She is so Tyrell, and I'm sure she's a model for Margaery.
I see Anne Boleyn as being Cersei-esque (except that she never actually committed adultery), so I went with Lannister for her. Her nastiness towards Mary after she married Henry VIII definitely reminds me of Cersei. She certainly was very cunning.
I'm still going to disagree, LOL. Anne actually had valid fears because of Mary, she definitely went a bit overboard (said the girl with the Mary icon), but it didn't came from nowhere. And many people do see Anne Boleyn as a very intelligent woman who knew a lot about politics and who was a great patron of arts and the latest fashion and all that. Her manner of drawing people to her, a lot of whom genuenely liked her (I'm not talking about the commons who disliked her but didn't know her). But she still has enough sneak-skillz to get her way. With a smile. I guess I don't see her as being as "heavy" as the Lannisters.

And Anne Boleyn being imprisoned for adultery = Margaery being imprisoned for adultery.
All right, I guess I can see the Tyrell in there. I'm sticking by my original decision, though.
Yeah, like cloud_wolf said, she's smarter than Cersei and not as indiscriminately savage...plus, most importantly to my mind, most historians consider that Anne was framed for adultery the way Margaery was (with a bard, even!). Whereas Cersei really did commit adultery.

I'm finding this way too much fun. Must stop now.
Well, I guess I could make an alternate Tyrell one for her when I do the requests batch.
THAT'S what Anne Boleyn is! I knew I didn't think she was a Lannister, but wasn't sure where else to put her. Tyrell works, and the comparison to Margaery is pretty obvious, what with the false adultery accusations and the Blue Bard. Also, Margaery is interested in political reform and Anne was a religious reformer, so it sort of works.
Oh I love these, although I am conserned that there isn't a single Swedish famous historical person. Oh can I be so rude to make a request? A Jane Austen was a Tyrell icon would be awsome if you do more of these. (Also Evita was not a Lannister. She was a Targ or Baratheon without doubt.)

Ok has anyone ever made any Westeros High icons? Because I feel tempted to do some. Thought I would ask you since you're the mother of WH.
Oh I love these, although I am conserned that there isn't a single Swedish famous historical person.

I don't know Swedish history, and I don't think there were any mentioned in the jesteros thread. If you have any requests, I'll be posting a requests thread in valyrian_forged at some point.

Also Evita was not a Lannister. She was a Targ or Baratheon without doubt

I don't know anything about her, so I just took peoples' word for it from the jesteros thread.

BTW, I did a set of Westeros High icons right here: http://jesatria.livejournal.com/108776.html

Tolkien was SUCH a Stark, it's not even funny. Targaryen? Please. I think he'd be fascinated with the dragons--maybe he's Lyanna--but ultimately his moral code is totally Stark.

Not sure about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Anne Boleyn being Lannisters. Eleanor went on the Crusades and Anne Boleyn was very interested in the Protestant cause and religious reform. Somehow I don't see the Lannisters as into that kind of thing. But I don't know where else they'd fit...Martell might work.

Oscar Wilde has Jaime-esque wit. I could see him as a Tyrell, with the beauty-loving, but he might also work as a Lannister.
Have you ever seen The Lion in Winter? Eleanor of Aquitaine played by Katherine Hepburn is so the Queen of Thorns it isn't even funny. Well, it really is funny, and since then (and some history books) I think of Eleanor as either a Tyrell or a Targaryen. Her kids are also hard. In many ways Richard, Geoffrey and John remind me of Baratheons but I can totally see some Lannister or Targaryen vibes (Except Richard, I really think he's a Baratheon). Hard, hard.
Oh Voltaire!!! *fangirls*
I was so happy to claim him for House Martell!