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The 2nd set of my asoiaf house icons. The first set may be seen here.

[28] asoiaf house icons


1.  2.
3.  4.
5.  6.
7.  8.
9.  10.
11.  12.
13.  14.
15.  16.
17.  18.
19.  20.
21.  22.
23.  24.
25.  26.
27.  28.

Credit if you take.
Lol, these are all so spot on XD I especially love:

Stark - Canadian.
Tully - Floppy fish.
Greyjoy - Fun should involve a risk of injury.
Lannister - Hear me purr.
Tyrell - Why no, we're not ALL gay.
Targaryen - Our family tree doesn't fork.
Martell - Sicilian.

...this is the sort of post that makes me regret I don't have additional icon space, because I'd take them all.

BTW, are you a member of westerosorting? Because you should definately join if you aren't. It's a lot of fun.
I was browsing it yesterday! I just need to, uh... find some time and energy to apply, lol. These days I'm feeling like a train ran on me. Twice.
Haha! I loved these! They're really great.
*is laughing at the Targ ones*
You ought to join westerosorting too!