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These are just too fun to make.

What's Our History Doing in Westeros?Collapse )
Inspired by the recent post on jesteros.

42 Icons

When Asoiaf Meets HistoryCollapse )

Please credit if you take!
Inspired by Westeros High School.

Go Dragons!Collapse )

Ignore those last 2 blank spaces. I'm still getting used to using icon table generators.
Please credit if you take
Promotional Icons for jesteros's Sexiest Man in Westeros competition.

[17]Oberyn Icons
-7 text
-3 images
-7 both

...Collapse )

Art Credits
1, 2, 14- holofernes
3- Amok
13, 16- M. Luisa Giliberti
12, 27- kyena
15- mathia

The 2nd set of my asoiaf house icons. The first set may be seen here.

[28] asoiaf house icons


Show your house prideCollapse )

In this post we have house colorbars for 

westerosorting. Bear with me on these- I'm still a Photoshop n00b. But I'm getting better!

[14] House Colorbars
Show your house pride!Collapse )

In totally unrelated news, we had a blackout at work today due to a large thunderstorm. The power was out for about an hour. They had us escort all the customers out & then made us straighten up by folding & putting clothes away while we waited for the power to come back on. Why they couldn't just send us home, I don't know.

[5] Martell Quotes
[28] House Icons, inspired by

rhombal's excellent series of HP house icons.



I made icons!Collapse )
If you take, please credit.
I think I'm addicted to making macros now. ROFLbot makes it quick & easy for those of us who don't have Photoshop.


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